The hip joints in the human body connect the long leg bone (femur) to the pelvis using a ball and socket type of connection.  As we age, the ball and socket can wear down and become arthritic.  This aging process often will cause inflammation of the hip joint and cause long term pain.  One method of reducing long term pain and inflammation in the hip joint without surgery is undergoing an intra-articular hip injection.

During an intra-articular hip joint injection, the patient is place on a comfortable procedure table and the injection site is identified. The skin and soft tissue are numbed with anesthetic. Once the needle placement has been verified by x-ray, the medications are injected into the hip joint space. The injection site is then wiped clean and a Band-Aid is applied.  The patient is placed in a comfortable post procedure area and monitored for a short time. The patient is then released to go home with post procedure instructions and a driver.