A caudal injection Is a procedure designed to provide extended pain relief to patients who might suffer from chronic low back, sacral and/or coccyx (Tailbone) pain due to lumbar stenosis, lumbar arthritis, or chronic nerve dysfunction.  The procedure is performed by a trained specialist and utilizes the assistance of x-ray in order guide the injection into the appropriate area of the spine.

During a caudal injection, the patient is placed faced down in a comfortable position on a surgical table.  The surgical site is identified just above the patient’s tailbone and the site is then prepped in a sterile fashion. The skin and soft tissue are numbed with anesthetic. Once the needle placement has been verified by x-ray, the medications are injected into the caudal space, bathing the spinal cord and or nerves. The injection site is then wiped clean and a Band-Aid is applied.  The patient is placed in a comfortable post procedure area and monitored for a short time. The patient is then released to go home with post procedure instructions and a driver.