A cervical epidural steroid injection is performed to help reduce the inflammation and pain associated with nerve root compression in the cervical spine. Nerves can be compressed in the cervical spine by a variety of reasons to include but not limited to herniated disc, thickened ligament, bone spurs, fracture or instability.

During a cervical ESI, the patient’s posterior neck region is prepped in a sterile fashion and the skin and soft tissue are numbed with anesthetic. The cervical level that has been identified pre-procedure is then targeted with the injection. Once the needle placement has been verified by x-ray, the medications are injected into the epidural space, bathing the spinal cord and or nerves. The injection site is then wiped clean and a Band-Aid is applied.  The patient is placed in a comfortable post procedure area and monitored for a short time. The patient is then released to go home with post procedure instructions and a driver.