We at Spine and Orthopedic Solutions would like to provide our patients and the general public with a quick update and recommendations. We understand that there are many questions concerning the coronavirus yet to be answered by health officials and questions on what the right recommendations might be.

First, we want to remind you that if you have an appointment and feel sick please do not come to that appointment. Contact your primary care physician or visit your local emergency room. We would like to remind all of our patients that we continue to take necessary precautions to help ensure your safety. We would continue to ask that you limit any unnecessary family members or visitors upon your visit to our office in order to reduce the amount of people in our office at one time. We also ask that you try to limit any children into our office at any time.

The best way to prevent spread of coronavirus and any other virus continues to be appropriate social distancing and washing hands Frequently.

We continue to offer TeleMed visit to any and all of those individuals who request them. This may allow patients to stay in the safety of their own home without having to even step foot in our office. We will continue to offer TeleMed visits at least until the end of May.  Please let us know if you would like to convert your existing appointment to a TeleMed Visit.